Mr. K's Farmhouse Restaurant

Mr K's Farmhouse - Abilene, KS

Ike Fact: Mr. K’s Farmhouse, formerly Lena’s “farmhouse on the hill’, is the location of many families and celebratory meals. Although many a story has circulated about this place, none more fascinating or humorous than the one which occurred in 1965 when President Eisenhower came face to face with a long-honored tradition at Lena’s. It was the day the 34th President became “just an ordinary American citizen”. While dining at Lena’s he watched a first world’s series game on television with friends and received an early 75th birthday paddling from Lena and one of her trademark paddles, which was signed and hung on a wall for all to see.


Closed Mondays


407 S Van Buren St
Abilene, KS 67410

Call: (785) 263-7995

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