5 Must-See Murals in Abilene, Kansas

By Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau on December 23, 2019

Thanks to generous donations from the Community Foundation of Dickinson County and Arts Council of Dickinson County, Abilene is home to a variety of unique, photo-worthy murals. 

1. Abilene Mural

Graffiti artist, Whitney Kerr, completed this vintage postcard-inspired mural in downtown Abilene. Each letter depicts an important part of Abilene's history.

Location: 324 N. Spruce St


2. Train Mural

Celebrating Abilene's days as a Chisholm Trail cowtown, this mural by graffiti artist, Whitney Kerr, pays homage to the railroad, which carried hundreds of thousands of head of cattle to eastern markets. 

Location: 207 NE 3rd St


3.  Harmon Mural

This interactive mural inspires visitors to create a variety of poses. This giant mural was modeled after local resident Harmon Geissinger and completed by graffiti artist, Whitney Kerr.

Location: 200 NW Broadway


4. Wild Bill Hickok Mural

Paying respects to Abilene's famous former town marshal, Wild Bill Hickok, this mural was completed in 2018 by local artist William Counter. 

Location: 201 N Buckeye Ave


5. American Bison Stamp Mural

The American Bison is featured on this special 6 cent stamp postmarked from Abilene and completed by local artist William Counter.

Location: 203 N. Cedar St

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