Explore Brown Memorial Park and Waterfalls in Abilene, Kansas!

on May 1, 2020


Social distancing doesn't mean you can't explore the outdoors and what better place to visit than Brown Memorial Park in Abilene, Kansas!

Where is Brown Memorial Park?

The map below will direct you to the waterfall, but if you need more detailed instructions, follow the steps below.


1. Travel South out of Abilene on Highway 15.

2. Turn left onto 2000 Avenue (first left after you cross the bridge over Smoky Hill River - watch for the signs)

3. Continue on 2000 Avenue (it will turn into Hawk Road).

4. Do not turn at the first sign you see for Brown Memorial Home, just keep going.

5. Turn left onto 1935 Lane (at this sign)

6.  Continue past these pillars

7. When you see this fork in the road stay left.

8. You will then pass a great spot for picnicking. Tip: Grab a to-go meal from one of Abilene's restaurants and eat it here.

9. Continue along and slowly go over this bridge

10. Park in the parking lot on your left and walk down to the waterfall. If you're unable to walk, you can still have a great view from your vehicle in the parking lot.


Tip: If you see this sign, you've gone too far. 


What you will see



Other Activities

Brown Memorial Park also offers disc golf and nature trails. 

Meet C. L. Brown

Learn more about the life and legacy of C.L. Brown in this blog post from the Dickinson County Historical Society

Brown Memorial Camp

In 1919, Cleyson L. Brown gave 40 acres of the Brown Memorial Park to the Boy Scouts of America, so that Scouting could grow in Dickinson County. Since 1927, the camp has expanded and provided thousands of youth the opportunity to experience the adventures of camping. 

The camp also has cabins available for reservation. 

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