The Grandest Historic Mansion in Each State

By 24/7 Wall St on March 25, 2019


Before neighbors could show off their wealth by purchasing the latest sports car, wealthy people in America flaunted their money by building opulent mansions. Because of modern advancements in building technology, erecting mansions is easier than ever. But in the early days of America, commissioning a grand homestead was a luxury very few could afford. Many of these homes cost millions of dollars to build at a time when spending that much money on a home was practically unheard of.

There are massive homes in each U.S. state — from plantation homes in the South, to sprawling British-inspired castles in New England, to mansions out in the deserts of the West. These massive single-family homes are now steeped in history, telling the stories of the people who built them and the time when they were constructed.

24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of the largest historic mansion in each state by reviewing information from media sources, historical societies, and museums.

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