Where to Eat on Kansas I-70

By Wherever I May Roam on August 1, 2019

Kansas I-70 is an interstate highway that runs nearly coast to coast, from Utah to Maryland, and directly through the state of Kansas. I-70, one of the first interstate segments in the country, starts in Kansas City and makes it way West to the town of Goodland, a stretch of 424 miles. There are lots of interesting places to stop and things to see along I-70, but the food scene is equally as impressive. 

Consider treating yourself to a sit-down meal when driving Kansas I-70 at these tried and true local establishments. It won’t take much longer than running through a fast food joint, and you’ll get to kick back, enjoy tasty food, and be waited on. Here are 14 towns that Kansas I-70 runs though and some suggestions for what to order in each. Happy eating!

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