The Best Small Town to Live in, in Every U.S. State

By Apartment Therapy on December 9, 2019


There’s something universally alluring about a small town like “Gilmore Girls”’ Stars Hollow. The coffee shop owner knows your order, your name, and if you’re having a bad day. There’s no traffic. It doesn’t take 30 minutes to find a parking space when meeting friends for a drink. Why aren’t more of us packing our lives into boxes and finding a quaint, lovely small town to put them in?

After all, I personally know that I could work remotely. I don’t technically need to work in a big city. Wouldn’t it be great to have a garage? Spots for friends and family members to park when they visit? Going on a hike and not running into coworkers who had the exact same idea?

It turns out, I’m not alone in my fantasies. The Wall Street Journal reported that more and more millennials have been relocating to small towns, claiming that, “Since 2014 an average of about 30,000 residents between 25 and 39 have left big cities annually.”

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