Travels in the Heartland: Saluting a president and more in Abilene, Kansas

By The Walking Tourists on February 3, 2022


ABILENE, KS (KMTV) — Dwight D. Eisenhower frolicked along the streets of Abilene as a child. He hunted in fields outside the small Kansas town. Fishing the Smoky River, he never thought he’d grow to become the highest decorated general in American history. Abilene, about 3.5-hours southwest of Omaha, embraced Eisenhower, whose family moved there from Texas when he was two years old. While Eisenhower may be the shining star of this town of about 6,500, Abilene has much to celebrate, from its days as a dusty end of cattle trails to the home of dog racing royalty.

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