Small Town Presidents

By Fox RV Travel on May 15, 2022


I don’t know how many small-town Presidents there are. This spring we visited two small-town Presidents’ museums and libraries. It was fascinating. Bill Clinton was from Hope, Arkansas. Dwight Eisenhower was from Abilene, Kansas. Both Presidents are from very small towns. All the other Presidental Libraries that we visited were about small-town Presidents. Thus the title, small-town Presidents.

Eisenhower Library

Until we visited the Clinton Library, we didn’t know about the Eisenhower Library. While talking to one of the staff at the Clinton Library, he mentioned that he wasn’t really that impressed with the Eisenhower Library. He thought of it as rather meager. That was enough for me. If it was along the way, and it was not as impressive, I had to see it. He was wrong. There was nothing about the Eisenhower Library that wasn’t impressive.

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