Kansas for the win! Here are some great Fort Riley day trips

By We Are The Mighty on September 8, 2022


Kansas, right? If a PCS to Fort Riley has brought you and your family to Kansas, don’t fret! Contrary to that first impression, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the Sunflower State.

First, Some Basics

Fort Riley is located in the Flint Hills region, just east of the state’s center. It’s home to 1 ID, or the First Infantry Division for non-Army folks among us. 1ID is commonly called the Big Red One because its patch shows the number one in red. Pretty simple, right? 1ID is one of the Army’s most well-known units because it’s seen battle in nearly every conflict since WWI. So that means if you’re stationed at Fort Riley, you can expect a lot of FTXs and maybe not a lot of downtime. Comes with the territory of being able to wear that infamous patch, though.

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