5 Places to Enjoy Taco Tuesday in Abilene, Kansas

By Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau on February 3, 2020

Love tacos? Make sure to try these five restaurants perfect for a Taco Tuesday celebration in Abilene!

1. La Fiesta

La Fiesta - Abilene, KS

Need we say more? A finalist in KANSAS! Magazine's Best Local Eats contest, La Fiesta offers a variety of taco choices. Their dinner tacos are our favorite!

2. Texcoco Mex Grill

Featuring pastor, asada, chorizo, pollo asado and carnitas street tacos, with all of these choices, it's hard to pick! 

3. Taco Grande

Taco Grande lovers frequently make the pilgrimage to Abilene to enjoy this iconic restaurant. Want a taco with a twist? Try their notorious "funny taco". 

4. Mr. K's Farmhouse

Mr K's Farmhouse - Abilene, KS
Not a "taco" per say, but Mr. K's Farmhouse's taco salad is always a crowd-pleaser. 

5. M&R Grill

M&R Grill is known for its salads and their taco salad is no exception. 


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Where's your favorite place to enjoy Taco Tuesday? 

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