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  • ASVRR-Fred-Schmidt-Railroad-Museum-Abilene-KS

    Fred Schmidt Museum

    Visit the Fred Schmidt Railroad Museum inside the former freight room of the depot. The museum is named in honor of one of the founders of the Abilene & Smoky Railroad. Enjoy exhibits featuring...

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  • General-Eisenhower-Abilene,KS

    General Eisenhower Statue

    See the 11' statue of 5 Star General and 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. The bronze statue of Dwight D. Eisenhower by Robert L. Dean, Jr. was presented to the Eisenhower...

    200 SE 4th Street, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Great Plains Theatre - Abilene, KS

    Great Plains Theatre

    Take in a show at the only professional live theatre between Denver and Kansas City on I-70.

    215 N Campbell St, Abilene, KS, 67410

    Call: (785) 263-4574

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  • Greyhound-Hall-Of-Fame

    Greyhound Hall of Fame Museum

    Explore the exciting world of racing at the Greyhound Capital of the World! Visit resident Greyhounds, Ginger and Buddy. The Greyhound Hall of Fame museum is even named to Atlas Obscura's list of "...

    407 S Buckeye Ave, Abilene, KS, 67410

    Call: (785) 263-3000

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  • Sunflower-Hotel-Abilene,KS

    Historic Sunflower Hotel

    This is the site where Ike and Mamie watched the homecoming parade held in Ike's honor.  Note: This property is now an apartment building, not a hotel. 

    409 NW 3rd St, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • I-Like-Ike-Murals-Abilene,KS

    I Like Ike Murals

    On June 4, 1952, then-General Dwight D.

    Sunflower Building (east side of building) , Abilene, KS, 67410

    Call: (785) 263-1884

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  • Ikes-Place-Abilene,KS

    Ike's Place

    Ike's provides a very casual, family-oriented atmosphere while still capturing that sports feel. The menu is filled with something for everyone, from an assortment of flavored wings to juicy burgers...

    100 NW 14th St, Abilene, KS, 67410

    Call: (785) 200-6278

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  • Harmon-Mural-Abilene,KS

    Interactive "Harmon" Mural

    This interactive mural inspires visitors to create a variety of poses. This giant mural was modeled after local resident Harmon Geissinger and completed by graffiti artist, Whitney Kerr. 

    South side of KABI Radio Station, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Jeffcoat-Photography-Studio-Museum-Abilene,KS

    Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum

    The Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum features a unique look at the history of Abilene and Dickinson County, Kansas through the photographic work of the Jeffcoat Photography Studio. Operating since...

    321 N Broadway Street, Abilene, KS, 67410

    Call: (785) 263-9882

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  • Chisholm-Trail-Days-Abilene-Kansas

    Journey to the Old West

    Named #1 True Western Town of the Year, visit Abilene, Kansas and experience its wild and woolly side!

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  • Eisenhower-Interstate-Abilene,KS

    Kansas Interstate 70

    Traveling to Abilene on Kansas I-70 make note of the special Eisenhower Interstate System signs.

    Kansas I-70, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Little-Ike-Abilene,KS

    Little Ike Park

    See young Dwight D. Eisenhower in Little Ike Park.

    324 N Spruce, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Longhorn-Mural-Abilene,KS

    Longhorn Mural

    Another Whitney Kerr original located on the front of Abilene Middle School. 

    Abilene Middle School (north side of building) , Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Old-Abilene-Town

    Old Abilene Town

    Get a taste of the Old West, and enjoy can-can dancers and gunfights during the summer travel season.

    200 SE 5th St, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Old-Abilene-Town

    Old Abilene Town

    Get a taste of the Old West and enjoy can-can dancers and gunfights during the summer travel season.  Old Abilene Town also hosts Chisholm Trail Days during Labor Day weekend. Enjoy a live cattle...

    100 SE 5th Street, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Seelye-Mansion-Abilene-Kansas

    Seelye Mansion

    Named an “8 Wonders of Kansas – Architecture”, the Seelye Mansion is like a time capsule. Most of the home’s furnishings were purchased at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. 

    1105 N Buckeye Ave, Abilene, KS, 67410

    Call: (785) 263-1084

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  • Cypress-Bridge-Candle-Co - Abilene, KS


    Whether you're looking for antique treasures, the latest in home decor, a new pair of cowboy boots or trendy fashion finds, Abilene's locally-owned retail businesses are ready to serve your needs! 

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  • Former-Abilene-High-School-Sign-Abilene,KS

    Site of Former Abilene High School

    A sign marks the sign of the former Abilene High School (1906-1918), which Ike attended from 1906-1909. 

    300 NW 7th, Abilene, KS, 67410

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  • Engle House Bed & Breakfast- Abilene, KS


    Abilene is home to more than 200 rooms ready to serve travelers. From national chain hotels to locally-owned motels, award-winning bed and breakfasts, and unique Airbnbs, Abilene's lodging community...

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  • ASVRR-Steam-Engine-Abilene-KS

    Steam Locomotive - ATSF 3415

    1919 BALDWIN - The 1919 Baldwin 4-6-2 "Pacific" type locomotive, Santa Fe #3415 was moved to its present location at the Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad yard in April 1996, from the city park in...

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